How to save up to 50% or more when buying Viagra

Here are some Dollar saving tips to help you purchase cheap Viagra and save money, based on my experience.

Rather than buy the standard dose 50mg Viagra Tablets, it is much cheaper if you buy 100mg tablets and split them in half. This tip alone can save you about 45% when buying Viagra.

With your first purchase of Viagra from an online Pharmacy, they generally provide you with a free pill splitter.

You can save even more!

If you buy Viagra in bulk (30 - 90 Tablets), it requires a bigger up front investment, but saves more of your hard-earned dollars. The saving, which can be up to 38% on large orders, should be seriously considered if you are looking to buy really cheap Viagra.

However, for your initial order it is best if you try 5 or 10 Tablets. If you are happy with the results then buy in bulk from then on.

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