Viagra for Women?

Whether Viagra is suitable for a woman to use is something a lot of people would like an answer to. The revolution it created with solving impotence in 80% of men naturally leads women to ask, "Can it help with female sexual dysfunction?".

The following information has been gleaned from medical studies in an attempt to answer this question. It shows that Viagra has been found to help women with certain problems.

Information from these studies shows that -

  • Viagra increases blood flow to the clitoris, labia and vagina in a similar fashion to natural arousal
  • It needs to be taken an hour before intercourse on an empty stomach (no alcohol)
  • Possible side effects are the same as for men but headaches are more of a problem
  • Long term effects are unknown
  • Viagra is toxic to developing embryos and is not suitable for pregnant women
  • It does lead to increased satisfaction for many, but not all women.
  • It can help post-menopausal women in increasing arousal, vaginal lubrication and sensation

Doctors will not prescribe Viagra for a woman, forcing women to get a male friend to obtain it for them. Hopefully this situation will change when results of current medical studies are made known.

It is rumoured that Pfizer is about to reveal results of studies on women which show that Viagra boosts libido and increases sexual satisfaction. Already being referred to by many as "Pink Viagra", the formulation is believed to be slightly different from the blue pill for males. The bad news is Pink Viagra might not be available on prescription for nearly two years.

NOTE: There is a cream made from natural ingredients which is claimed to produce an effect similar to Viagra, for women. Click on this link to find out about Vigorelle

A brief summary of various medical articles follows, along with a reference where the full article can be read to avoid taking the summary out of context.


Sex Drugs for Women

A really interesting article on how doctors at Boston University School of Medicine are using Viagra-based medications to treat female sexual dysfunction.

Their findings reverse earlier negative studies and show that Viagra can help women achieve orgasm. "Overall, after taking Viagra, physiologic measurements significantly increased, and so did subjective satisfaction".

Read the full article here.

Viagra solves uterus problem

Miscarriage can result when the uterus lining is too thin to allow proper implantation or nourish an embryo. The increased blood flow to the uterus created by Viagra makes it more receptive to pregnancy.

However, Viagra is toxic to developing embryos so it cannot be used immediately before conception or during pregnancy.

Read the full article here.

Women and Viagra

A transcript of a 1998 presentation that is really just a discussion on why women are interested in Viagra. It offers no clinical results and adds little useful information on its suitability for women.

Read the full article here.


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